Children’s physical development

You may notice that your little one is experimenting with kicking or throwing a ball more than your friend’s children, or vice versa; or some children can balance on one foot longer than others from an early age. It’s only human nature to compare, but every child develops skills at different times and at their own pace.

Super Stars sessions are designed to encourage children to have fun while being active. They can investigate different techniques and use a variety equipment in a safe and nurturing environment. Every session is different and allows children to practice vital skills they need every day. Children develop their physical skills such as co-ordination, control, and movement but also focus on social skills, teamwork and building confidence.

What are fine motor skills? Fine motor skills require a high degree of control and precision. They are movements we create with our fingers, hands and wrists. For example doing our buttons up, holding a pen to write, using scissors, feeding ourselves and so on. One of my favourite ways to practice at home with my toddler is to use kitchen tongs. Here is a short clip of my son using different toys and household objects to practice holding the tongs, gripping the items and transferring them into a pot.


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